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South Bay: 25 foods to eat before you die

26 Feb

Recently, I noticed a friend eating her way through San Francisco’s best dishes. And I thought, the South Bay needs a list! So here’s my contribution of the best 25 foods to eat before you die in the South Bay Area.

 South Bay: 25 foods to eat before you die

How many have you tried?

 49er Flapjacks at Original Pancake House in Los Altos, CA.

Almond Croissant

Credit: Darwin Bell

Almond Croissant at Mayfield Bakery in Palo Alto, CA.

Authentic Chicago Stuffed Pizza with honey drizzle at Patxi’s Pizza in Palo Alto, CA. [...]

Volume vs. Weight in Baking: How do you measure flour?

23 Feb

Measure flour and level.

Measure Flour Challenge

Scooping, spooning, leveling, sifting, tapping, weighing.
How do you measure flour and other baking ingredients? 

Do you ever have a recipe inexplicably fail? Or do you notice variations in how recipes turn out? Your method of measuring ingredients may be the reason. [...]

Martha Stewart’s Flourless Chocolate Cake

18 Feb

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Martha Stewart's Flourless Chocolate Cake

Looking for a simple crowd-pleasing cake? Have a gluten-free friend you’re entertaining? Try this rich Flourless Chocolate Cake from Martha Stewart!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hanging out with my new friend, Kristina. Being Sunday, we planned on maximizing relaxation. The game plan:


Heart Shaped Macaron for Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Heart Shaped Macaron


My husband loves French Macaron cookies. I mean, he totally ❤ them. So I made a batch for Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Macarons for him and my friends to enjoy.

Thomas Keller has a surprisingly (for him, at least) uncomplicated macaron recipe in his new book, Bouchon Bakery.


Orange Hot Chocolate

9 Feb

Orange Hot Chocolate

Orange Hot Chocolate Vertical

Deceptively simple. This Orange Hot Chocolate tastes just like a Pepperidge Farm’s Orange Milano to me. It’s rich with the mild tanginess of fresh orange. 

My husband and I participate in a local farm cooperative. Each week we get locally grown produce from Full Circle Farm. Lately, it’s been a lot of citrus – oranges, tangelos, lemons, grapefruit, even pomelos.

It takes effort to find uses for all the citrus fruit. You can squeeze and freeze the juice but I wanted to use the fruit since it was so fresh. Thus, the orange hot chocolate was born!


5 Trending Foods from the Winter Fancy Food Show

2 Feb

Winter Fancy Food Show

The 2013 Winter Fancy Food show was the biggest and boldest to date. Food entrepreneurs served up tremendous variety and some really cool new options. I wanted to share a few of the more interesting treats ‘n trends presented at the Winter Fancy Food Show this year.

Winter Fancy Food Show - Gluten Free Flour

Cup4Cup GF Flour

Gluten-Free. Old news, I know. But gluten-free foodies will be pleased to hear about new products entering the market. In particular, Cup4Cup drew a big crowd, introducing their new pizza crust mix. Yes, celeb chef Thomas Keller was there! Very interested to test this new mix out.

Tropical. In the last year, coconut has [apparently] become one of the top 5 food trends in the industry. It’s even popular with the mixology crowd! Other tropical flavors are in, particularly from Hawaiian vendors. One vendor, Kona Bar, featured a terrific Passion Fruit “Lilikoi” chocolate bar. Chocolate + Passionfruit makes a great combination!