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Retro Carrot Cake

24 Mar

Retro carrot cake partially devoured

Organic old fashion carrot cake

This Retro Carrot Cake is packed with spiced goodness and topped with a creamy cloud of *Cream Cheese Swiss Meringue Buttercream.*
(say THAT 3 times fast!).

Out walking the dog, I landed a major garage sale find last weekend. I’m not usually one for garage sales but this one was special. It was the rare garage sale where older neighbors are moving and everything had to go. Amid the linens, cheese knives, smoker and copper pans I found a Cuisinart. Not just any Cuisinart, a vintage Cuisinart! [...]

5 ways to lower your “Foodprint” & save the world

13 Mar

Reduce your foodprint - apples on the ground
Reduce your foodprint - apples on the ground

Credit: ironypoisoning

The sad truth is that the U.S. tosses about 40% of the food we produce here. Both from a conservation and humanitarian angle, that’s unacceptable. As a chef and baker (and human being), I’m ALWAYS concerned with food waste. Here are my 5 tried-and-true tips to reduce your “foodprint.”

Let’s discuss simple solutions we can try as individuals to reduce our food waste. One that doesn’t require that we eschew all worldly possessions or live the life of a foraging nomad!


Sweet Orange Challah Bread

10 Mar

Orange Challah Bread Baked

Orange Challah Bread Recipe
Sweet, sweet Orange Challah Bread I love you.

This mildly sweet, eggy bread is simply delicious. It’s a fairly simple recipe that even beginners can conquer. Enjoy the loaves of bread as french toast, bread pudding or simply dipped in rich hot chocolate. [...]

Chocolate Banana Bonbons

4 Mar

Chocolate Banana Bonbons Close up

Chocolate Banana Bonbons Title

Health-conscious, vegan or even gluten-free? I’ve got the perfect dessert for you today. These elegant morsels are Chocolate Banana Bonbons, and you simply must try them.

Being a baker is dangerous. I no longer go out to eat dessert. I literally have everything on hand to make any dessert 24/7. And when I’m testing recipes, most of what I make is quickly consumed by me, my husband or close family. One way to avoid overeating is to have a healthy alternative on hand. And to send all the test goodies off to my husband’s poor coworkers. [...]