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5 ways to lower your “Foodprint” & save the world

13 Mar

Reduce your foodprint - apples on the ground
Reduce your foodprint - apples on the ground

Credit: ironypoisoning

The sad truth is that the U.S. tosses about 40% of the food we produce here. Both from a conservation and humanitarian angle, that’s unacceptable. As a chef and baker (and human being), I’m ALWAYS concerned with food waste. Here are my 5 tried-and-true tips to reduce your “foodprint.”

Let’s discuss simple solutions we can try as individuals to reduce our food waste. One that doesn’t require that we eschew all worldly possessions or live the life of a foraging nomad!


Volume vs. Weight in Baking: How do you measure flour?

23 Feb

Measure flour and level.

Measure Flour Challenge

Scooping, spooning, leveling, sifting, tapping, weighing.
How do you measure flour and other baking ingredients? 

Do you ever have a recipe inexplicably fail? Or do you notice variations in how recipes turn out? Your method of measuring ingredients may be the reason. [...]